Whose the white dog?  Whose the Artist?  How did you think of the  name?  So many questions right!

Well to cut a long story short,  Ren Seffer is the brain child of White Dog Art.  Ren is an established artist who has been living  on the Island of Grand Cayman for over 20 years.  Originally from Australia, Ren has become known both locally and internationally for her unique style portraying whimsical Island life in bold color and vivid imagery.  Inspiration comes from her surroundings, the people she meets and of course her white dog!  To learn more about Ren and view more of her work you can log onto www.renseffer.com.


The name White Dog Art was inspired by fur baby Gidget, an island rescue (only the best) who joined the family many moons ago.  Gidget was your typical Island coconut - always up to mischief.   She was also an avid explorer (just like her mumma) who loved to escape at every opportunity and go walkabout down the beach, chasing iguanas into the ocean, swimming in the neighbors pool, and hanging out on the dock with the local kids.   

One day Gidget managed to make her way to the Westin Hotel pool just to hang out with  tourists - the concierge were so nice and said she could hang out until she was collected.  She just loved exploring and  being around people!  One day Ren decided to start a series of work that included Gidget and friends would refer to them as white dog art and so her legacy began....

Many years later Ren moved the studio to the eastern districts and unexpectedly little Miss Gidget sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.  Not all was lost when Ren and Bindi met, another happy little coconut that was more than happy to continue Gidget's legacy as studio mascot.  Bindi is a beautiful girl with a chilled personality who loves kids, cats and plenty of hugs :)

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