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It’s official!   9 galleries, 8 studios, 7 pop-ups and around 80 artists displaying their work for the inaugural Cayman Art Week happening July 7-10.  To register and join some of the tours/events log on to and please support by following @caymanartweek.



Caymans ARK - Acts of Random Kindness

Charity Auction - July 23, 2020

Click on image for more information and to place your bid on either piece click here to pre-register


'Save Czech Inn Grill'

We're rallying together for our friends who have reached out to the community for help.  If you've ever been to Czech Inn Grill and chatted with owners George and Denise you'll quickly discover how much heart and soul they've put into their small business to keep it going despite many challenges.

Even during these difficult months they've trucked on through devoting their time and $$$'s to preparing meals for those less fortunate in the community while barely staying afloat.

Its been awesome to see the Czech Inn community pull together to help.  White Dog Art wants to do its part so we've come up with the idea to do a run of giclee prints from an original painting Ren created for George and Denise.  All proceeds will go to the Grill and you'll get a piece of White Dog Art while supporting a worthy cause....its a win-win!  Contact me for more info

Czech Inn Grill

9"x12" giclee (canvas) print

Stretched and ready to hang

US$150 (shipping included)


'Artist Talks Series'

NCVO's 41st (virtual) Telethon 'HeARTS from Home'

All proceeds from the sale of these paintings will go to NCVO to benefit children & families in the Cayman community.  Click here to view images


Tune into The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands 'Artist Talks' series where I talk about my art and creativity in lock down.  Click here  to view video

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