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Spot the white dog!  Its the first thing you'll hear from fans of White Dog Art!  Thats because they appear in many of Ren's works, inspired by her fur babies Gidget and Bindi who were a big part of her Island life.  Both have since crossed the rainbow bridge but Ren continues to carry on their legacy with images that capture their adventures and escapades.  Ren's island coconuts (as she referred to them)  were known for their regular walkabouts, getting to know the locals and ending up in places they shouldn't like the neighbors pool.  Always a never-ending adventure and one that Ren enjoys portraying in her work.


As for the Artist....well Ren is originally from Melbourne, Australia.  She settled on the Island of Grand Cayman in the mid 90's after many years of travel.  With a passion for art and culture Ren immersed herself in the local art scene and quickly found her niche by creating a style that has become recognized and appreciated by many collectors around the world.   She has been represented by The Gallery at the Ritz Carlton since 2007 and is included in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.   


Contact Ren if you have any questions about available works, shipping, commissioned work or if you'd like to make an appointment to visit her studio.

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